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Landscape Services

Customized Landscape Construction and Design – Custom Landscape Installation – We are a “One Stop Shop”.

Artificial Turf and Putting Greens Expertise

  • We offer Artificial Turf and Putting Green Surfaces from 10+ different manufactures, along with USA made products.  All of our Artificial Turfs are THE LATEST in Technology, HIGHEST in Quality and have the longest WARRANTIES in the industry – up to 15 Years!
  • Artificial Turf PRO® CertifiedCommercial and Residential
  • Expert Installation, our business and crews have a combined 20+ years of experience of design and installation of Artificial Turf and Putting Greens of all sizes.
  • We offer “Pet Friendly”  Turf and Installation Options! Most every one of our customers have dogs, we know how to make your yard PET FRIENDLY!

Pavers, Travertine and Outdoor Ceramic Tile Expertise

  • Belgard Paver Certified Paver Contractor
  • Trained and Certified Paver Installation Company – The Paver Industry’s HIGHEST Paver Installation Standard.
  • We specialize in all types of Paver Installation, from Walkways, Patios, and Patio Paver Overlays on existing Patios, and Patio Extensions, to Driveways and Roadways.
  • Over 10 different types, styles and colors of Travertine offered.
  • Pool Coping

Rock and Ledge Stone Siding Expertise

  • BBQ’s, Fire Pits, Spas and Water Features
  • Home Enhancements – Walls, Pillars, Entryways and more.

Custom Built BBQ Islands, Fire Pits, Retaining Walls and Gabion Walls

  • We also offer Stainless Steel BBQ Grills (Natural Gas and Propane) from the top Manufactures
  • Gas or Wood Burning Fire Pits.
  • (All Natural Gas Installations and Hook Ups are done By Licensed Natural Gas Plumbing Contractors in your area)

Low Voltage Lighting Experts

  • We Carry Lighting Products from Several Manufactures of quality, Low Voltage Lighting.
  • We can design a lighting system for your home, or can even offer a “Staging Service” with limited obligation.
  • Cost effective Lighting Solutions

Irrigation Systems Expertise

  • Complete NEW Irrigation System Installations – We only use the finest “State Of The Art” parts, components and installation techniques, for long lasting and cost savings to our customers!

Complete Planting and Design Services – All TREES and PLANTS

  • As a Horticulurist based business, we understand the right TREES and PLANTS for your new yard installations.
  • We can also help with existing TREES and PLANTS

Tree Trimming and Removal

  • As an Arborist based business, we offer expert tree trimming services, of all types of trees. Quotes available.
  • We also remove all types of trees and shrubs.
  • Emergency Storm Services Available

Fertilization and DEEP ROOT Fertilization Expert Services, Available Through our Parent Company, Landscape Doctors LLC

  • Experts in Tree Care and Sick Tree Diagnosis
  • Queen Palm Care and Fertilization Expertise
We are the only Horticulturist and Arborist owned, Artificial Turf, Paver, and Landscape company in the valley.

Building or buying a new home, or have a home with no landscaping? We can install a brand new landscape for you. We are wholly owned by Landscape Doctors, LLC, experts in all trees and plants, fertilization and landscape design services.

Landscape Renovation
– This is one of our favorite and most gratifying services that we offer. We specialize in taking an older, dated looking landscape and updating it to a more modern appealing style that suits your personal tastes. We will demo out your old yard and install and brand new landscape along with a 2 year warranty. We watch and understand building design trends, as it relates to yards, and curb appeal. We are the only Horticulturist and Arborist owned, Landscape and Artificial Turf company in the valley. Click above to learn more.

Synthetic Turf – Explore your options for environmentally friendly synthetic turf. We offer the best quality Artificial Turf and Installation, at the most competitive pricing available. Architectural, Sports, Pet Friendly Artificial Turfs, Commercial installations, and Outstanding Putting Greens. Agave T&L is an Artificial Turf PRO® CertifiedCommercial and Residential, company. Click above to learn more.

Pavers, Travertine, Flagstone and More – Experts in full paver and stone installations. Patios, Walkways, Trash Can Pads and Driveways. We are Belgard Certified, along with Phoenix Pavers. Our Master Mason’s expertise can also incorporate Fire Pits, Fire Features and  Water Features. We also do all forms of Low Voltage Lighting.

Xeriscape – What does it even mean anyway? Do we have to have a 100% barren desert landscape? As a Horticulturist owned business, we understand the latest trends in Xeriscape outdoor design, architecture and plants for the southwest desert environment. By the way, we love AGAVE plants!

Irrigation Services – We offer irrigation repair services. Irrigation leaks? Is it time for a new system?  We only install the best, state of the art, Hard Line PVC Installations, which will outlast conventional irrigation system installations. Ask us how you can save money re-doing your entire irrigation system.

Trees and Plants Selection and Planting – We are the valley’s experts in all trees and plant selection, and most importantly –  Planting. We understand the “Heat Island” and “Dutch Oven” effects in any given yard, new or makeover. We offer complete professional consultation services in this area by trained Horticulturists and Arborists.

Deep Root Fertilization – As a Horticulturist owned company, we offer the best in class Deep Root Fertilization services in the valley. We understand how to keep your trees healthy, happy and thriving. We are the valleys premier authority on Queen Palms, and they special needs they present. Call us if your Queen Palms are struggling, we can help!

Design and Consultation Services – Available on a contractual, or hourly basis. Experience a true one on one consultation to review your plans, designs, or potential needs. Contact us for more information.


Tree Care Industry Services

Tree Trimming and Pruning – We can expertly trim your tree, raise the canopy for clearance, remove dead wood, thin the crown, reduce and remove storm damage, trim your tree off of your roof, structure or other trees.

Tree Removal – Remove storm damaged trees, remove dead or diseased trees, remove dangerous or hazardous trees, remove improperly planted trees.

Stump Grinding or Stump Removal – Grind the stump 4-6″ below grade or dig the entire stump out manually.

AGAVE Tree and Landscape, is a Landscape Doctors LLC Company

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